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web2apk has NO mal-ware or Virus inside !

Sadly enough, some malware / virus scanners for Android are flagging some apks created in here as infected by some kind of Malware / virus code.

By inspecting their scanning results you will learn that the claimed malicious code is labeled as "PUP", "PUA" or "SPR".

When you search for those acronyms on the web, you get the following meanings:
  • PUP Potentially Unwanted Program
  • PUA Potentially Unwanted Application
  • SPR Security or Privacy Risk
So, these particularly mischievous antivirus are flagging web2apk created apps as potentially unwanted software. Go figure !!!

Bottom line is: Antivirus engines may basically define whatever they want as malware and get away with it, it seems.

I did try to set the record straight: I contacted one of these antivirus engines, in order to explain them about web2apk and it's free, clean apk creation service.

Their response was truly lame: "An app so "easily"; created would probably tend to be "exploited" by some (unscrupulous ?) creators into a PUA or PUP."

Yet, there is NO virus or malware code inside the apk used by web2apk.

But ... (there is always a "but"):

Consider the following scenario as a note of caution (and also acting as the "Devil's Lawyer"):

IF your WEBSITE is carrying malicious code, either because it has been hacked, or you actually intend to scam / infect / inject malware through it, and then you CREATE AN APK with an URL pointing at your website ...

Then YES, surely MOST (if not ALL) the antivirus out there will find your malicious URL inside the apk and flag it as infected!

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