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Here you can create a customized Android Application that will show your website. This customized application is essentially a very clever web browser which will force itself into full screen, horizontal view and disable zoom in / out feature. You will be able to publish it into Android Market and probably pump up your visits and / or publish it in your website for your users to download and thus gain an easier, faster and direct access to your content.

App Start up

It first checks if there is internet connection available on the user's device. If internet access is present then the user is presented with a "welcome" popup over a black background. The title and text for this welcome popup is customizable by you at app creation time. While the user reads the welcome popup -or at least is slowed down by it- the application is busily loading the landing webpage as a background process. We aim to accelerate the user's perception of web browser lag. Ideally, the user will find the whole webpage already loaded when dismissing the welcome popup. This might help the application to further disguise it's web browser nature.

No internet connection ?

If the application detects no internet connection at startup time, then it will show a popup to tell the user about it and asking for retry or cancel the internet check process. This popup title, text and button's text is customizable by you at app creation time.

Back button

If the user press the back button on the Android device, and the user is not already on the landing webpage, then the application will navigate back into the earlier page. If the user is already viewing the landing webpage you configured as starting point at app creation time, then a popup will appear asking the user to confirm or cancell the application exit. This popup title, text and button text is also customizable by you at app creation time.

Fixed Url Filter

If you are showing third party contents on your web, as for example a flash game containing links to third party webs, you can turn on a navigation filter at app creation time that will prevent the user from leaving from your website. The Application will simply refuse any link not starting with your configured entry point url. it will do nothing.

Filter Exception

If you like the fixed url filter feature, then there might be a caveat: What about any outside link that the user is intended to follow ? For example any kind of ads server in your website: You need to allow those specific links to pass through in order for adsense to work. In such case you have yet another customizable setting called Filter Exception which will let the user navigate into any url containing the string you type in it, turning off the fixed url filter while the user is navigating thru those third party ad pages. If the user returns -by pressing the back button in the android device- to your webiste, then the fixed Url Filter is automatically turned on again.

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